I recently took a trip with one of my favorite tour companies: Original World. I like these guys because they are great for someone who does a lot of traveling such as myself.

I recently took one of their Northern India tours and I was offered many opportunities for photographs. Highlights included the city of Rajasthan, which is an exotic dessert town with many amazing places to visit. We got to see the amber fort in Jaipur, which looked just as amusing or in person as it turns and a picture!

We also took a look at Chittogarh fort -at which is one of a largest forts in India. Original world is big on UNESCO heritage sites, and this one is quite intriguing. It sprawls over a 700 foot high and the spread at above the planes of the Berach river. I took many photos while I was there and wandered the place for many hours.

But the most exciting part of the tour was to Pushkar camel fair. This is basically a huge market of nomadic traders. Our tour guide was very helpful with translations and telling us the best merchants to go to. Take a look at some of the photographs to see these awesome places. We also rounded up to tour with the interesting festival called to Kharujo dance festival. I didnt really understand it all that much but it sure was fascinating.

This time around air travel within great crew and our tour was very small number in only six people. Original world likes to keep their tours small which is great because it encourages local interaction. I really had a lot of fun on this group tour and I feel any photographer would be right at home with them.

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My name is Daniel and I am a newly graduated professional photographer. I have just recently graduated from Boulder University and I plan to use this blog to showcase my work.  Please excuse the design as I am still working out the kinks. Unfortunately my web design skills are not quite up to par with my photography skills.

I am a big fan of traveling. So far I have only been out of the country once. When I was attending collage I did a study abroad in Luxembourg. I got bit by the travel bug when I was there and my profession gives me the perfect opportunity to do some much needed sightseeing around the world. I plan to use photography to finance my sightseeing. I have a few friends that do this already and they have some referrals for me to get started.

During university I also minored in health studies. My fall back profession would have probably been nutritionist. My parents were big health nuts and they never even let me go out to eat as a child. They were really into health and that has had an influence on me. That and the fact that I have suffered from a debilitating case of CFS ever since I was a child has shaped my attitude and outlook on nutrition. I feel it is very important what you put into your body since it can influence so many things in your day to day life. Having good nutrition can increase your concentration and general well being, especially if you are a CFS sufferer like myself.

Above is a picture of the opera house that was near my school. It has a great glass high rise arch to it, and it is about 3000 feet high. Quite impressive. I didn’t get much of a chance to see many operas there mostly because I don’t speak German very well. On the last night before I left we went to see the magic flute there. If you are a fan of Mozart you will like this one. I couldn’t understand much of it but it was still a lot of fun.

Well thats all I can manage for today, my CFS it starting to kick in. I will be taking a trip to the Norway fish oil plants next week to visit my friend Hans. I plan to do some sightseeing and photography while I am there. Later everyone.